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Share with you people some interesting tech news:


Apparently, the latest research is giving XBOX360 a pretty good result even after the launch of PS3 which is falling below market/consumer expectation since its release.


TV network like Fox,Viacom,CBS and NBC seems to in the mist of creating a video website similar to YouTube. IMO, unless it’s free, else it won’t have much impact on YouTube. However, after using YouTube for quite a while, I realize that all those high-hits are usually videos from these network and if they are really coming out with their own site, I bet they will strongly enforce their copyright on YouTube and this would have some significant impact on YouTube themselves.


And this is another Blue-Ray basing article. I am wondering if there’s anyone in the world (except Sony) who can tell me why Blue-Ray is good? It seems to be all article about Blue-Ray are bashing them.

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My campus network is screwing up with MSN. It seems that any message I sent, it will reply with an error after probably 5minutes telling me delivery failed. Just ordered McSpicy Double Meal (Upsize) to cheer me up!